Enhance your existing mentoring program with these simple services.

Next Level Mentoring provides the following services to help you find ways to keep improving your mentoring program and move it to the next level.

  • Our NLM online training portal for both mentors and mentees
  • Our award winning cloud based mentoring platform.
  • A free health check of your current mentoring program.   

Well done!


The fact that you have set up a program to allow your people / members the opportunity to get a mentor stands you out from the crowd.  We applaud you for that.

We are here to help you move your mentoring program to the next level.

This is done by offering services that both increases the effectiveness of the mentoring and also simplifies the administration of your program.

  Free health check  

A free independent check on your program to know its strengths and potential improvements.

Online Training Portal

Give your mentors and mentees unlimited access to simple and effective just-in-time training

Online mentoring platform

Helps you reduce your admin and scale your mentoring program with ease. 


Would you like a free health check on your program? 


We want to help you find ways to improve your mentoring program and further unlock the potential of your people / members.

To start the health check, all you need to do is schedule a free 30 minute call to discuss your program.

In the call we will ask you a range of questions and based on this we will provide you ideas that you could adopt to enhance your program.

Thats it!

Are you ready to start your health check?

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Our online training portal 


At NLM we have run multiple webinars and developed various resources for mentees and mentors to help them get the most from mentoring.

And now we have moved all our content to the NLM online training portal to give everyone access to it when it suits them.

The portal's sole aim is to ensure your mentors and mentees understand their roles and have the right knowledge to make their mentoring very effective.

The portal will dramatically improve your mentoring program while also reducing the admin burden.

Thats what we call a win-win.


Would you like a 14 day trial to our online training portal?

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Our cloud based mentoring platform


People working with people ultimately creates the best results. However, by utilising our online mentoring platform alongside your workplace mentoring program, your employees can have the best of both worlds. Several benefits of utilising our cloud based mentoring platform include: 

  • Finding suitable mentoring partners within minutes using our matchmaking algorithms
  • Web and phone apps available making your mentoring programs accessible anywhere
  • Easily stand-up specific mentoring programs for key groups of people as needed
  • Everyone’s data remains private and secure with industry best practice security
  • Scheduling mentoring meetings through integration with Outlook and Google
  • Scaling your reach for mentoring with minimal admin increase
  • Integrate with your existing Learning Management System
  • Customise the dashboard with your company’s branding
  • Easily running reports to assess progress
  • Recording and tracking mentoring goals
  • Access to mentoring training and resources.
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"NLM has provided support and invaluable guidance for the Australian Maritime Mentoring Program, in addition to running several webinars that have been well received by our members. Their commitment and expertise in the field of mentoring are second to none. We intend to continue working with NLM in the future.

Institute of Public Administration WA 

"NLM facilitated a mentoring webinar for mentees on our existing mentoring program to help them get the most out of their mentoring experience. Feedback we received following the session was extremely positive, and we look forward to future sessions with NLM!