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Leading a positive and purpose driven environment in the workplace

  • Programs tailored to your company’s purpose, vision, values, and direction
  • Enjoyable, engaging, and effective programs your people will praise
  • Bringing mentors and mentees together for a collective community
  • Creating a network of future leaders for your company 


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What is a mentoring program?


A great mentoring program is a simple and effective way to guide your team with purpose for both business and personal growth. Mentoring is a valuable and powerful way to attract and retain a talented workforce by creating connections and developing opportunities with your current and future leaders.

Next Level Mentoring works with you to find the perfect balance of structure you need in your organisation. By designing a tailored program to reflect your company’s purpose, vision, values, and strategic direction we help you and your team thrive.

Why you need a mentoring program in your workplace


Creating a positive environment with a business mentoring program not only provides your team with a clear understanding of your company, but also how they are valued. Ultimately, an effective mentoring program leads your company to see improvements across multiple business metrics.

By designing a tailored mentoring program, you will see many benefits, such as:

  • Higher self-confidence and reduced anxiety in individuals
  • Your people taking pride and satisfaction in their role
  • Increased retention of your talented people
  • Increased productivity of your people
  • Your leaders thriving with purpose
  • An overall happier environment

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What does a successful program look like?


We believe in four principles when designing a successful mentoring program. These four principles support one another and are equally valuable to ensure your program is a success for your company, and your employees. Along the journey we measure the progress of the program and make adjustments if necessary.


A simple structured business mentoring program is key. It needs to be easy to understand, low pressure, has clearly defined roles, and doesn’t overwhelm people with unnecessary information or requirements, allowing the program to flow smoothly.


Identifying barriers that could affect your program, and creating solutions to overcome them, ensures your program will be sustainable. Next Level Mentoring design your program so anyone within your company can run it, rather than relying on specific people for it to be a success.


Mentors and mentees should establish goals for what they want to achieve with the program and align them alongside your company’s strategy and values. We provide effective tools, templates, guidance and software to make this happen.


Make it fun and exciting! Having mentors and mentees enthusiastic about how great the program is, is a great way to showcase your company, and encourage others to want to be part of it.

Our mentoring programs


Our goal is to build confidence and passion within the next wave of future leaders through meaningful mentoring programs. Your program needs to be engaging and embrace your company values but doesn’t need to cost your company a fortune.

 At Next Level Mentoring, we create fun, effective, and simple mentoring programs. A meaningful and effective mentoring program is more likely to be a success when presented by people, for people. We have created a variety of programs as no company is the same. Your program will be tailored to be unique and in line with your company’s purpose, vision, values, and direction.

New managers program

Newly appointed managers are prime candidates for mentoring. Matching new managers with experienced leaders is a simple and effective way to accelerate their experience and confidence.

Top talent program

Pairing your identified top talent with a senior leader in your company ensures they grow as expected and feel invested in the company. Mentoring is a valuable part of any company’s talent management program.

Diversity and inclusivity program

A variety of studies show that having diversity as a valued part of your company’s purpose improves both innovation, and decision making skills, which ultimately improves the success of the company.

Reverse mentoring program

Reverse mentoring helps your team unlock the knowledge of new technology and trends. Often your leaders become the mentees and mentees become the mentors with all knowledge is shared.

External mentoring program

An external mentoring program pairs your leaders, with leaders from other companies. Understanding how other companies address their common problems, aids your team with new ideas, and how to solve problems within your company.

Onboarding program

Pairing new employees with people who have been in the company for years is a great way to streamline their onboarding process, boost confidence, and make them feel part of the team.

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How it works


A mentoring program should never be viewed as an off the shelf solution. Ideally you want mentoring to be a valued part of your company culture. Just like your company, you learn and evolve over time with repetition and resilience. Your first program with Next Level Mentoring will create the expectation, build excitement, and show your employees you’re willing to invest in them time and time again.

1. Plan

Determine the focus area of your program and identify leaders within your company.

2. Establish

Set up your program, including identifying mentees, mentors, and key dates.

3. Execute

Begin your program, run the first mentoring session, and continue your journey.

4. Conclude

Finish your mentoring program and reflect on your journey.

5. Evaluate

Receive feedback from your employees, evaluate the results, and look for any changes to adopt in your next mentoring program.

So, you already have a mentoring program?


Well done! The fact that you have set up a program to allow your people / members the opportunity to get a mentor stands you out from your peers. 

We are here to help you move your mentoring program to the next level.

This is done by offering services that both increases the effectiveness of the mentoring and also simplifies the administration of your program.

The services we offer are.

  • Our NLM online training portal for both mentors and mentees
  • Our award winning cloud based mentoring platform.
  • A free health check of your current mentoring program. 

Our aim is to help continue to make your program a success.

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"NLM has provided support and invaluable guidance for the Australian Maritime Mentoring Program, in addition to running several webinars that have been well received by our members. Their commitment and expertise in the field of mentoring are second to none. We intend to continue working with NLM in the future.


"Bringing in outside expertise from NLM helped increase the credibility of the program for the participants – more so than if it was run internally. This played a role in the program's success." 

Frequently asked questions

Building connections


Find a mentor

Our vision is that everyone should have a mentor, and our aim is to make this as easy as possible for you. With our online mentoring platform, you can easily access and join our community where likeminded mentors and mentees form meaningful connections.

Find your next mentor

Become a mentor 

Becoming a mentor will open you up to many positive benefits in your life and in your career. Next Level Mentoring provides you training and access to our online community. You will notice improvements in your own mental health, which in turn will positively impact the lives of those around you.

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