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Course Breakdown

Module 1: Idea Validation

Turning passion into viable business solutions

Module 2: Setup your Business

Get the blueprint to bring your business to life.

Module 3: Online presence

Build your website for your business and start to be found online.

Module 4: Sales & Marketing

Craft and execute a strategy that lands your first paying customers.

 Module 5: Going forward

Harnessing your momentum and continue to grow your business.

Darren McFarlane, a seasoned side hustler, shares his journey of balancing a full-time job with growing a profitable side business.

Benefit from his first hand experiences and learn to build your side-hustle with ease.


Validate your Vision

Learn to assess the viability of your idea with confidence.


Make it Official

Navigate the essentials of turning your idea into a structured business.


First sale milestone

Acquire the tools and strategies to attract & secure your initial customers.