Unlock Your Side Hustle Success: Transform Your Idea into Income Without Leaving Your Day Job


Join our exclusive course and discover how to launch and grow your side business with expert guidance.


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Ready to turn your passion into profit?

Our step-by-step course is designed for ambitious individuals who want to launch a side hustle without sacrificing their current job or overwhelming their schedule.

With only a few hours a week, you'll go from idea to first sale.

And its even better, you get free access to Module 1 so you can start the journey and validate your business idea.

Benefits and outcomes

Validate your Vision

Learn to assess the viability of your idea with confidence.


Make it Official

Navigate the essentials of turning your idea into a structured business.


First sale milestone

Acquire the tools and strategies to attract & secure your initial customers.

Who It's For:

Whether you're supporting a family, a stay-at-home parent seeking fulfillment, or exploring your next career move after redundancy, this course is your launchpad to doing more and being more.


Course Breakdown

Module 1: Idea Validation

Turning passion into viable business plans.



Module 2: Business Setup Simplified

From naming your business to building your online presence, get the blueprint to bring your business to life efficiently.

Module 3: Sales Strategy

Craft and execute a sales strategy that lands your first paying customers.

 Module 4: Going forward

Harnessing your momentum and continue to grow your business.

Meet your Instructor

Darren McFarlane, a seasoned side hustler, shares his journey of balancing a full-time job with growing a profitable side business. Benefit from his firsthand experiences and learn to navigate the highs and lows with ease.


The Side Hustle Course

Module 1 Free

Free access to Module 1 + 30 min call with Darren.

It is all about trust

I know this course is jam-packed with value and each lesson alone is worth over $100. 

But you don't know me. You don't know if what I am offering is legit or just another fake guru course. We have not built a level of trust, which is totally understandable.

You don't know that I want to help you build your dream side-business quickly and effectively because my purpose in life is to help people reach their next level.

So how about this offer?

I will give you free access to the first module in this course; your business idea.

This module will help you

  • Validate your new business idea; can it be a success.
  • Determine who your dream customer is.

It is the essential first step and cannot be skipped. 

We will also have a 30 minute call to discuss your business idea and provide guidance where necessary. I want to see your business idea succeed. I feel this is necessary to honour your decision to give it a go.


This is a win-win situation.

It is a win for you because you get to experience the value of the course and start turning your business dreams into a reality.

It is a win for me because I get to have people using my course and getting value from it.


All I ask in return is you provide a review at the end because social proof is critical in today's market. 

And, if you like the course and want to continue the journey then you buy the course.

What do you say, shall we make this deal? 

Get access to Module 1 and your 30 min call.