Unlock your full potential and boost your career through mentoring.

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Find your mentor

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Become a mentor

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Build your mentoring program

Helping your company

Companies with an effective mentoring program demonstrates better performance metrics and attractiveness to potential employees than those that do not. This includes;

  • 20% increase in retention for those involved in mentoring programs.

  • 88% increase in managerial productivity.

  • 60% of graduates lists mentoring as an important criterion.

NLM helps companies establish their own mentoring program or enhance an existing mentoring program that has not been refreshed for years.

We do this by helping you firstly understand what you want to achieve from mentoring. We then build you a simple and engaging program using both experience and technology to maximise its effectiveness and reach within your company.

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What are our clients saying?

"NLM has provided support and invaluable guidance for the Australian Maritime Mentoring Program, in addition to running several webinars that have been well received by our members. Their commitment and expertise in the field of mentoring are second to none. We intend to continue working with NLM in the future.

Australiasian Marine Pilot Institute

“NLM facilitated a mentoring webinar for mentees on our existing mentoring program to help them get the most out of their mentoring experience.

Feedback we received following the session was extremely positive, and we look forward to future sessions with NLM! 

Institute of Public Administration Australia, WA

Helping you unlock your potential by getting a mentor. 

Are you feeling like you are capable of so much more? Do you feel that you have more to give to the world?

These are common problems that we face all the time, having the feeling that you can offer so much more but are not getting the chance to do it.

Mentoring is one of the simplest ways to unlock your full potential and help you start achieving your greatness.

And NLM is here to help you.

Find a mentor and join our mentoring community

Having a mentor means you get to have someone experienced in your corner helping you improve with no hidden bias or agenda.

A mentor will help you to work out your goals, guide you towards meeting those goals, broaden your horizons and assist you as you truly unlock your full potential.

Mentoring is also proven to help you get balance in both life and work.

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What people are saying about having a mentor

"Next Level Mentoring was very proactive and paired me up with mentor. I always came away from my mentor meetings feeling more motivated and energized.


“The NLM experience has played a large part in my business’s recent growth and my own personal development as a small business owner.


"NLM have built a great network of mentors, deciding on a mentor was the hardest part. It's already been a big help for me starting out with my own business.


Helping you to become a confident mentor for others

Do you wish you had a way to help share your knowledge with other people? Are you the kind of person that gets fulfilment from helping others but don’t have the opportunity to do it?

Many people are trying to find ways to give back to the community and experience the happiness this bring to you.

Mentoring is a great way for you to do this. 

And NLM is here to help you have the confidence to become a mentor.

Become a mentor and join our mentoring commmunity

Becoming a mentor means you get to use your well-earned knowledge and experiences to help others become better versions of themselves. Positively impacting the lives of others is core to self-happiness.

You will also learn a lot from the mentees during your mentoring journey such as learning a new skill from your mentee, getting a deeper understanding about a new industry or reaffirming your own amazing and unique abilities and superpowers.

Becoming a mentor has been proven to help you get balance in both life and work.

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Our Vision, Purpose 

and Mission


Next Level Mentoring (NLM) has the vision that everyone should have a mentor or be a mentor.

Our purpose is to unlock the potential in people through:

  • Helping organisations set up a simple and effective mentoring program that can be scaled or broadened as required.

  • Allowing mentees around the world to easily find themselves a suitable mentor.

  • Creating a pool of experienced mentors.

Our mission is to get over 1 million people experiencing the benefits that mentoring will bring.

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We are passionate about helping people. Whether you have questions or need some advice around mentoring, we are here to help you.

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