The Perth Mentoring Program 

Join the community where people help each other succeed.

Mentoring helps many people move to their next level.

And it will help you move to your next level. 


Welcome to Perth's mentoring program that is open to anyone and everyone.

Are you based in Perth and looking to find yourself a mentor to help unlock your full potential?

Are you living in Perth and would like to become a mentor and help others be their best?

You are interested in mentoring, what are your next steps?

  1. Read the information and review the testimonials. We want you to be fully informed.
  2. Click on the relevant button (mentee or mentor) to begin our registration process.

Firstly, lets us answer the most important question.

How much does it cost?

As a mentee 

It is free to register.

Until the pool of mentors is exhausted.

Then this service will be stopping.

So act very fast.


As a mentor

It is free to register.

You never pay as Mentor.

It is our way to say thank you.

Get a mentor

Get yourself a mentor

Registration is free for mentees

If you are wanting to find a great mentor then please click the button to start the mentee registration process.

What do you get for this?

  • We help find your ideal mentor with ease.
  • You become part of the NLM Mentoring Community.
  • You get access to our exclusive mentee training. 
  • No other hidden costs for you.
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Become a mentor

Registration is free for all mentors.

  • Access to our simple and effective training to make you a great mentor.
  • Your chance to positively impact on the lives of others using your skills.
  • Learn from your mentee; a new skill, industry, trend or technology.
  • Be recognised through our mentor certification scheme.
  • Be part of the NLM Mentoring Community with exclusive events.
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Mentoring testimonials

Hear from several people who put their trust in Next Level Mentoring.


Next Level Mentoring was very proactive and paired me up with mentor. I always came away from my mentor meetings feeling more motivated and energized.



The NLM experience has played a large part in my business’s recent growth and my own personal development as a small business owner.



NLM have built a great network of mentors, deciding on a mentor was the hardest part. It's already been a big help for me starting out with my own business.

Common questions answered.

Here is the video listing the common questions people ask about the Perth Mentoring program.



We also have more questions below; one set of questions for the mentees and one for the mentors.

Click for mentee FAQ
Click for mentor FAQ

Mentee Frequently Asked Questions

Mentor Frequently Asked Questions

Get a mentor

Get yourself a mentor

If you are wanting to find a great mentor then please click the button to start the registration process.

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Become a mentor

If you are based in Perth and are looking to become a great mentor then please click the button for more info.

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