Unlock the power of your people with a business mentoring program

 Do you want a tried and tested way to develop and retain your talented people and leaders?

Do you want to attract the best talent to your company and be better than your peers?

Are you wanting a program that helps improve the mental health and well-being of your people?

If you answered yes to these questions then a next level mentoring program could be the solution for you. 


Benefits of a business mentoring program at your company. 

Creating a positive environment with a business mentoring program demonstrates your company cares about the development of its people.

Ultimately, an effective mentoring program leads your company to see improvements across multiple business metrics. because your people feel valued.

Having your own mentoring program means you will see many benefits, such as:

  • Increased confidence and well-being within your people.
  • Your people taking pride and satisfaction in their role.
  • Increased retention of your talented people
  • Improvements in attracting great people.
  • A reduction in feelings of self-isolation.
  • An overall happier work environment
  • Your leaders thriving with purpose.

Improve the confidence and skills of your people by giving them the opportunity of mentoring.

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How do you build a successful mentoring program? 

 We focus on 2 important things that will ensure your mentoring program is a success.

  1. You need to have a structured process when developing the program. We use our 5 stage iterative process for this. 
  2. You need to always consider the 4 principles of success with the decisions you make in your program; simple, sustainable, effective and engaging. We ensure this happens for your program.

The 5 stages of developing a mentoring program

All our next level business mentoring programs follow a simple 5 stage iterative process to ensure there is structure to building your program.

The closed loop allows feedback from previous programs to help improve the next programs to your people.

The philosophy you should adopt is

  1. your first program will be good.
  2. your second program will be great
  3. your third program will be outstanding.

By the time you have run 3 programs you will have developed a culture of mentoring within your company.


1. Plan

Determine the focus area of your program and identify leaders within your company.

2. Establish

Set up your program, including identifying mentees, mentors, and key dates.

3. Execute

Begin your program, run the first mentoring session, and continue your journey.

4. Conclude

Finish your mentoring program and reflect on your journey.

5. Evaluate

Receive feedback from your employees, evaluate the results, and look for any changes to adopt in your next mentoring program.

You can learn more about the 5 stages in our article

building a great mentoring and a mentoring culture in your organisation.

The 4 principles for a mentoring program.

We believe in four principles when designing a successful mentoring program. These four principles support one another and are equally valuable to ensure your program is a success for your company, and your employees.



A simple structured business mentoring program is key. It needs to be easy to understand, low pressure, has clearly defined roles, and doesn’t overwhelm people with unnecessary information or requirements, allowing the program to flow smoothly.


Identifying barriers that could affect your program, and creating solutions to overcome them, ensures your program will be sustainable. Next Level Mentoring design your program so anyone within your company can run it, rather than relying on specific people for it to be a success.


Mentors and mentees should establish goals for what they want to achieve with the program and align them alongside your company’s strategy and values. We provide effective tools, templates, guidance and software to make this happen.


Make it fun and exciting! Having mentors and mentees enthusiastic about how great the program is, is a great way to showcase your company, and encourage others to want to be part of it.

You can learn more about the 4 principles in our article

what makes a great mentoring program.

Mentoring is an effective way of attracting and retaining your people.

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"NLM has provided support and invaluable guidance for the Australian Maritime Mentoring Program, in addition to running several webinars that have been well received by our members. Their commitment and expertise in the field of mentoring are second to none. We intend to continue working with NLM in the future.


"Bringing in outside expertise from NLM helped increase the credibility of the program for the participants – more so than if it was run internally. This played a role in the program's success." 

You can check out Woodside's full media release on our mentoring program

Frequently asked questions

How much does a mentoring program cost?

Our standard business mentoring program costs $13,950 and includes everything you need to develop and run a successful program.

Please complete the below quote request and we will send you a fully customisable quote where you can add or remove items to make you mentoring program match your requirements.

For more details around the costs of a mentoring program including the variables that can affect costs, please check out our article 

"How much does a mentoring program cost".

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