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It started with a vision.

That everyone deserves the opportunity to have a mentor.


Then came a purpose.

To unlock the full potential within people and their company’s through providing simple & effective mentoring services.


And a company was born.


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Next Level Mentoring


Next Level Mentoring was formed by Darren McFarlane.

Darren has been in leadership positions for the majority of his working career and is fortunate to have been involved in companies that put a high value on leadership development programs which including successful in-house mentoring programs. Darren has had the opportunity to firstly be a mentee to some inspirational leaders and then to give back to the next wave of future leaders through formal mentoring and helping to run leadership training.

However it became apparent to Darren that access to such influential development opportunities is rare. This got him thinking to why this was and what could be done to improve the situation.

Reflecting on his career to date, Darren realised that he was most passionate about his work in the periods in which he was helping others to succeed. In 2020, an unexpected opportunity came which allowed Darren to start putting more time into truly following this passion help others reach their goals with the same opportunities that he had.

The outcome of this thinking is Next Level Mentoring.

“Reflecting on my career to date, it was during my involvement in mentoring programs that I grew the most as a person and as a leader. It was as if the pieces in the puzzle were now easier to put together and my development accelerated because of it.”

- Darren McFarlane

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