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Making the decision to become a mentor will open you up to so many positive benefits in life and in your career. It may even be the best thing you do this year.

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Benefits of becoming a mentor

  • Positively impacting on the lives of others.
  • Improvements in own mental health.
  • Increased self confidence.
  • Exposure to new ways of thinking
  • Learning a new skill, area, trend or technology.
  • Opportunity to learn from a different industry.
  • Recognition of your intellectual capital.

Become a great mentor

NLM is here to help you become a great mentor by providing you training and giving you access to online mentoring  community (which is free for all mentors).

We also provide mentor's with various levels of certification based on the number of people they mentor.


Benefits of mentoring

As a mentor you will experience these life and work benefits:

  • Noticeable improvements in your own mental health and a stronger connection with society.
  • Positively impacting on the lives of others.
  • Improvements in softer skills such as active listening and how to give advice rather than answers.
  • Exposure to new ways of thinking or learning a new skill, area, trend or technology.
  • Opportunity to work with someone in a different industry and/or different generation.
  • Increased self confidence through reaffirming abilities.

  • Recognition of your intellectual capital.

For more in-depth look at these benefits please visit our blog on the benefits of being a mentor.

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What do you get when you register

  • The opportunity to use your skills to impact the lives of others.
  • Training and guidance provided to become a good mentor.
  • Become a certified mentor.
  • Exclusive member only events.
  • Be part of a sharing community.
  • No hidden or extra fees.

Mentor certification

At Next Level Mentoring we do not believe you have to attend a courses that runs over several days and cost thousands of dollars just to get formal mentoring certification. 

The most important requirement in mentoring is attitude. Since you are here on this page looking to offer your time to mentor others, we already know you have the right attitude.

Everything else can be taught.

You have your own unique skills within you, and our simple training will help you apply them in the right way. 

We offer several different mentoring certificates dependant on your experience of mentoring others. And they are all free to you.

Ready to Mentor

This is issued when the mentor completes the online training, accessed from our website. It demonstrates that the mentor has a good understanding of what mentoring is, what it is not and key skills to be a good mentor. Numerous people have asked for mentoring training and now you can both complete it at your own time on our website... and also be recognised for doing it!

Mentoring certificate - ready to mentor

Skilled mentor

This is when a mentor has successfully mentored someone for several months. This demonstrates that the mentor has put those learned skills to use... and learned more mentoring skills in the process.

Mentoring certificate - skilled mentor

Advanced Mentor

This is when a mentor has successfully mentored at least two people, each for several months. The mentor has now experienced two different personalities and would have needed to refine their approach accordingly to ensure they are giving value to each mentee.

Mentoring certificate - advanced mentor

Master mentor

This is the top level.

A mentor receives this when they have mentored at least four people with one of these people being in a different industry. This demonstrates that they have worked with a range of personalities, each with their own traits and goals. It also demonstrates that they can mentor people outside their core industry knowledge.

Mentoring certificate - master mentor

Mentoring Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions then drop us an email and we will happily answer it.

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