Cross-industry mentoring - what your leaders can learn from others.

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Learn business and leadership skills from other industries

Why is Next Level Mentoring launching a cross industry mentoring program.

Because there is a wealth of learnings that people can gain from understanding how other industries operate.

To best explain it I want you to think of 3 concentric circles:

  1. Your company.
  2. Your industry.
  3. Other industries.


Your company

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The inner circle is you in your company. You have been in your company a while and you know how it works.

You know who to go to when you need to solve a problem.

You know how to do your job effectively.

You understand your company’s specific culture and how to lead within that culture.

You have encountered many business and leadership challenges and know the best ways to overcome them with the tools, systems and processes available within the company.

You are comfortable within this circle.


Your industry

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The next circle is your industry. Now you may not know fully how other companies within your industry work… but you have a good idea. You feel you are leading similar types of people and solving similar business issues so the processes and systems used by other companies should roughly be the same (shouldn't they?).

But you have spoken with ex-colleagues who now work in other companies within your industry, and they have said that it is different place to work with a different working culture.They mention that there are some things that they are better at while other things are not as good.


 Other industries

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The final circle is all the other industries out there who are doing business. You really have no idea how they run their business and how they solve business problems.

You do know that they must have similar business and leadership issues that you experience because they all have the same common denominator; human beings… but you have no clue about the systems, processes and best practices they adopt.


What can we learn from other industries

This may come as a surprise so brace yourself.

Other industries will do certain “things” better than your industry does… and vice versa.

How great would it be to learn what these “things” are and then bring them back to your company for the betterment of you, your colleagues and your company.

Perhaps you learn about a novel leadership initiative that you know would go gangbusters at your company.

Or a way that they run annual strategy and tactical planning sessions that seems more engaging rather than the process you currently have.

Maybe you will learn more about another industry and can start to see synergies between what your company does and what they do. A 1+1 = 3 opportunity.

Or it's just as simple as a few commonsense techniques on how to lead a diverse team.

And so on…

It would also be great to also have regular meetings from a leader in these different industries to discuss various topics that are important to you and to get a different perspective and guidance around it. This would naturally move your own thinking to your next level.

This is why Next Level Mentoring are launching a cross-industry mentoring program.


What is WACIMP

WACIMP is the Western Australian Cross Industry Mentoring Program. It is a transformational program that WA based businesses can enrol their leaders into to gain the benefits from having a mentor or becoming a mentor to other leaders in different industries.

Its purpose is to enable the cross-pollination of skills between industries. It ensures your company’s leaders are continuing to develop and broaden their business and leadership skills to move themselves to their next level. Further unlocking their potential will then transfer into benefits to your company.

Please visit our WACIMP page where there are more details including FAQ. You can also register your company’s interest in the program noting that this doesn’t tie you into anything beyond a phone call from us to discuss your interest further.

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