NLM's online mentoring training portal now available

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Do you already have a mentoring program for the people within your company or for the members of an organisation? 

Are looking for ways to improve it? 

(In this case, "improve" means to greatly increase the effectiveness of your program while reducing down your administrative work load in managing the mentoring program).

There are several ways that you can do this.

One simple way is to give the participants of your program access to our online training portal. Within our portal we have various training videos and resources to help both the mentee and the mentor get the most from mentoring. 

Costs for the portal are

  • $1,500 AUD for Not for Profits and charities and 
  • $2,500 for all other businesses.

The costs are for unlimited users in your business.

The training covers items like.

  • What is mentoring. This is incredibly useful to give all participants a common understanding of mentoring.
  • Benefits of mentoring that your mentees and mentors should experience. Useful to set expectations and inspire your participants.
  • Our ABCD template, a simple tool to add structure to any mentoring session.
  • The first meeting; expectations.
  • Top 20 tips for mentees and mentors.

If you would like to know more about the portal then please visit our online mentoring training portal service page.



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