9 things to forget about when starting your business

starting a business

When you start your new business you will be confronted by an avalanche of information. There are some many areas that you "need" to know to make your business successful that it becomes too much.

And this leads to 1 of 2 things.

  1. You spend days and weeks researching, trying, testing all these different things to soon realise that it wasn't important.
  2. You get information overload and do nothing. It is the ostrich approach, you bury your head in the sand.


The 9 things you should avoid when starting your side-hustle business… until you have your first paying customer.

There are many areas to consider when building a new business. Some of them are important right from the start and others only become important as your side hustle grows.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO);

This is all about ranking on the 1st page of Google or Bing. It is an art form that requires you to determine keywords that match your business and to consider which ones are being used by the world when searching on Google or Bing.

Great to have it but it takes several weeks for any results to happen and months for noticeable results. Now isnt the time to consider this.

Just write your posts and blogs as you would normally write them.


Paid advertising.

You can waste a lot of money with ads that do nothing. Trust me I know.

Instead, hone your specific process on how to best sell your product. Once you know how to sell, then you think about using paid ads to scale your reach.


Email marketing.

A good email campaign can take weeks to craft… and you actually need people’s email addresses in the first place. Save your time until you get at least 50 email addresses.


Building apps and/or software.

Don't spend money building expensive apps or software if you don't even know your service can sell or there is a market. Instead, make a version of your service that doesn't rely upon building and app or software. If you can already code then ignore point 4. if you can't code, then take the advice.


Scaling your business.

Don't get carried away with grand ideas on your global domination. Instead focus all your efforts on your first sale… and then make sure you deliver the best service or product ever to that client.

Remember every great business starts with 1 customer, so treat them well.


Sales funnels.

This is when you sell a cheaper first service and then offer your new clients additional value with a higher priced service was the trust is built. You move your clients up the value ladder, with each rung costing more than the last but providing more value.. You dont have multiple services to sell when you start out so dont consider this initially.


Seeking funding for growth. 

You are starting your side-hustle that has no track record of sales and no evidence of future growth. These are the necessities in getting investment funding so don't even think about it. You are years away from this. Stand on your own two feet first.



Beyond a simple logo, don't worry about branding at the early stages. 

Branding is important as you establish your business but don't get caught in the trap of needing to sort it out right at the start and spend days crafting a new typeface for your business!


Posting on multiple Social Media platforms.

Focus only on one platform at first. Probably the one you like using yourself because you know it and understand what works. You will waste so much time learning how to use all the other ones successfully.


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