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Coach or mentor

Let’s imagine that you are reading this article and you have already made the decision to take more control of your career and business development. You are personally going to do something about it rather than leaving it to chance or the decisions of your company where market conditions or internal changes can easily mean a suspension of all training and development.

There are several ways you can take more control. For example you can:

  • Get yourself a coach or a mentor
  • pay the money to go on a course or study (in-person or online),
  • listen to suitable podcasts,
  • read books that match your interests,
  • join a group or an organisation etc.
  • attend networking events.



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Getting yourself a coach or a mentor

One of the quickest and most effective ways to accelerate your development is by getting yourself a coach or a mentor. You get that personal 1 on 1 time with someone who is focused solely on your development.

Now there are similarities between coaching and mentoring but also differences. If you are keen to know more about that then check out our blog on this very topic.


But which one do I get; coach or mentor?

To make life easier for you we have made a “coach or mentor” tool that you can use for free, you don’t even need to put in an email address. It asks you 5 simple questions and the answers to these will determine if a coach would suit you the best or a mentor.

Try it now by clicking on the image above, its 30 seconds of your life and could make the difference between you doing nothing with your development to you actually hitting your next level, and feeling bloody brilliant about it.

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What happens next?

If you happen to get "Coach", then you can access our list of coaches that we personally attest to being great. All we ask is you do a free 10 minute discovery call with us before you see the coaches, because there are so many fields of coaching out there and we want to make sure you are choosing the right one. For example, what is the difference between Executive coaching, Leadership coaching and Business Coaching? There is overlap between them, but also major differences and we can help you know which one is best suited for you.

If you get "Mentor", then you can go straight into our “find a mentor” webpage where you can register and start the process of getting a great mentor. Note we have more mentors than mentees at the moment, so there would be no delay in you getting a mentor.


Why did we make this tool?

Because we want to help simplify this part of the process for you. What is the point in you spending ages researching coaches and then calling them up to realise you don’t have the budget for them. Or what’s the point in hunting for a mentor, getting a good one and then realising you are needing immediate results in a specific topic and a coach would be more effective.

If you enjoyed the tool then please tell others about it. Or perhaps do a post on LinkedIn that says “I tried this great, simple quiz from Next Level Mentoring and I now know that my development needs would be best suited with a <inset coach or mentor>”. That would be even better 😊


Darren McFarlane,

Director of Next Level Mentoring

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