Mentoring and Coaching - similarities and differences


This blog discusses

  • Similarities and differences between mentoring and coaching
  • Why you should get a mentor first, then a coach.

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is what are the difference between coaching and mentoring? It is pitched as mentoring vs coaching and only one can exist. "Should I get a mentor OR a coach?"...

Since we get asked this question a lot we decided to make this 2 minute video for explaining both the similarities and the subtle differences between mentoring and coaching.

And yes, you can have both and, perhaps, you should have both. A mentor will help you cover a broader self development and a coach will help you in specific, targeting areas..

If you do not have a mentor or a coach, we would recommend you first start with getting yourself a mentor. A mentor will help you define your goals and help you on the path to fully achieving your full potential. The conversions and challenges will start to give you more clarity on who you are, what you want to achieve and how you can achieve it. Trust and confidentiality is essential for a good mentoring relationship so you can fully be yourself in the meetings. It is also cheaper and comes at a fraction of the cost of a coach.

Once you have a broader understanding of your goals and what you need to do to reach it you may want to complement your mentoring relationship by hiring a coach. An example could be where you have identified a specific skill set you need to learn quickly, and this is where a coach could help. This could be a life coach, business coach, sales coach, career coach, leadership coach... there are a lot of different coaches out there. As a coach is more niche in their skills they are teaching, and they also come with coaching accreditations, they are more expensive than a mentor.

Both a mentor and a coach are there to help you become the best you can be, they just approach the learning differently.

If you are interested in finding a mentor and want to know more then please click here.

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