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Find yourself a great mentor. 

Having a mentor and experiencing the benefits that mentoring brings should be open and accessible to everyone.

Sadly it is not.

Next Level Mentoring has the vision that everyone should have a mentor and we are here to make this as easy as possible for you.

On this page you can find out:

  • How we find you a mentor
  • The benefits of mentoring
  • Frequently asked questions

Before you find out the process of finding a mentor, you should check out the following video on WHY six of our current mentees would recommend having a mentor.



“The NLM experience has played a large part in my business’s recent growth and my own personal development as a small business owner. "


"Next Level Mentoring was very proactive and paired me up with mentor. I always came away from my mentor meetings feeling more motivated and energized.”


"NLM have built a great network of mentors, deciding on a mentor was the hardest part. It's already been a big help for me starting out with my own business." 

How does it work?

We have an amazing pool of mentors who are ready to mentor you. But how can you get access to them?

You do this by following the simple steps below.

  1. Register your interest by completing our registration form. Registration is free.

  2. We will use your details to find several mentors from our database that match your requirements.

  3. You rank your selected mentors in order of preference.

  4. We contact your #1 mentor to confirm their availability. If not, we move on to #2

  5. Once availability is confirmed, you will pay the matching fee to finalise the pairing. You only pay when you are happy.

When you register you also get access to our mentee training portal. This is full of useful advice and guidance to get the most from mentoring.

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Benefits of mentoring

This video shows 6 of our current mentees explaining the benefits they have experienced from mentoring. 


As a mentee you will experience these life and work benefits:

  • A safe space to discuss issues that you may not be able to communicate with your manager, colleagues, family or friends.

  • Having a mentor outside your immediate sphere and perhaps even in a different industry to you will expose you to new ways of thinking and different perspectives.

  • Improvements in soft skills such as leadership, management and business development

  • Mental health improvements such as lower stress, anxiety and loneliness.

  • Increased self confidence and job satisfaction.

  • Gaining a higher self awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses as mentoring encourages self analysis.

Our blog page will give you further details on the benefits of mentoring.

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You only pay the $179 one off matchmaking fee when you have found yourself a great mentor.

  • Find you ideal mentor with ease.
  • Access to training and guidance to make your mentoring more effective.
  • A one-off $179 payment when you find your mentor.
  • No other hidden costs.
  • Exclusive member only events.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.

Mentoring Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions then drop us an email and we will happily answer it.

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